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God offers you the gift

of plentiful redemption.

To make your stay more pleasant, safe, and worry-free we have made some changes here at the Retreat Center in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Center for Disease Control guidelines for dealing with such.  When you register for a retreat you will receive a letter outlining the guidelines for a safe retreat. We want you to know that your safety as well as the safety of our other guests and our staff members is foremost in our mind.


We look forward to having you at the Retreat Center in the near future. 

May 5

Spring Day of Prayer

The Spring Day of Prayer and reflection center on the importance of being transformed into the likeness of Christ.  It is therefore, as believers, that we walk the pathway of faith.  This is not a silent retreat. It begins with refreshments in the serving area, followed by a conference and then the opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation or time for silent reflection. The morning ends with lunch. The afternoon offers the possibility for a brief word with a member of the retreat team followed by celebrating the mother of Jesus under the title of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Our time together closes with the celebration of the Eucharist.

Presenters:  Members of the

Redemptorist Retreat Team

April 30 - May 2

Weekend Silent Preached Retreat for Men

Theme:  Living in a Time of Plentiful Redemption

Our retreat theme will develop this idea through a variety of perspectives.  In prayer we open our lives to God and allow God to open God’s presence to us through more transparent communication. By learning to trust we allow God’s Word to more fully be implanted in our lives as it was in the life of Mary the Mother of God so we can see God as a source of strength even when things around us are challenging. We do not have to face life’s challenges alone as we live in community. We are social beings and we learn lessons of redemption on a personal as well as communal level. Finally, evangelization helps us incorporate the Good News and then be Good News to others, especially those burdened by feeling the human condition of loss, grief, and hopelessness.

Plentiful redemption is not a concept to be looked for after our life has ended.  Plentiful redemption is alive at this very moment.  When we come to realize this gift we can more easily face today with a sense of gratitude and joyfulness so we can, in turn, live the Good News.

Presenters:  The Redemptorist

Retreat Team

May 14 - 16

16th Annual Spring Retreat for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon

This is not a silent retreat or a socializing weekend. The program consists of discussion meetings covering the twelve steps. Nothing is mandatory to attend. There is plenty of time to enjoy the grounds and the fellowship of other recovering people.

The fee is $200.00 per person and $ 335 per married couple sharing the same room which includes meals, and a private guest room complete with shower, sink, toilet, and linens. Coffee is available 24 hours, as is the Chapel and Library.

Facilitators:  Br Gerry Patin, C.Ss.R. and Regina Clouse


The Redemptorist Retreat Center was established as a place for you to rest, reflect and renew. From the peaceful lake to the lush woods, our surroundings invite you to step back from your daily life and spend time in prayer with the Lord. Explore our history, mission and retreat offerings and find your place here.


In 1927, Lindbergh had flown over the Atlantic and Admiral Byrd had flown over the North Pole. There were transatlantic telephone calls and even movies that talked. All this “progress” had a way of distracting people away from God and so it was with the idea of bringing men and women back to God that the Redemptorists began the retreat movement in Oconomowoc.


We welcome you to visit our retreat center any time. Interested in bringing a group to spend a weekend with us, but not finding the program you need? Consider hosting your own. These are retreats sponsored by the Center but facilitated by outside individuals. These conferences typically last over three or four days. 


Often, there is no greater gift than time for personal prayer and reflection; a little quiet, a little space and a little time. We offer individual apartment-style spaces for personal retreats, sponsored by the Center but facilitated by outside individuals, typically lasting over three or four days. We are flexible in order to give you what you need.


Your donations help us offer rest and reflection to a wounded world.

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