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Comments from our guests...

“The perfect place to be still, to listen and hear God and to be with Him.”

“Very down to earth – solid faith material – good reinforcements.”

“Just what I needed spiritually. “

“I heard the Lord speak to me.  “You are loved and always with me.””

“I found peace and healing I never thought was possible.  Peace, confidence and a love I have never felt before.  I am truly blessed.”

“The atmosphere here is sacred in a way that brings me closer to God.  Every year I am amazed to hear exactly what I most needed to hear to deepen my faith, my relationship with God.”

“The Retreat Center is where I strive to ground myself in our merciful and grace filled Faith.  There is peace in the quiet where I can escape (for the weekend) from the demands and pressures of the world.  My mind is joyously emptied from those burdens.  I emerge re-energized to face the secular world at the conclusion of the retreat.  Thank you for providing all opportunities!”

“I always look forward to coming to the Redemptorist Retreat Center for weekend or week long retreat.  It is truly a place where I can relax and hear God speak to me.”

“Restful and inspiring retreat.  The flexibility of attending whatever meets your needs for the day is helpful.  The QUIET, lack of expectations for attendees, excellent talks and unstructured time for thinking, prayer and rest make for a wonderful retreat.  Highly recommended.”

"Everything was very clean. Everyone was welcoming."

“I really enjoyed everything. The prayer on Friday night was new for me and I would like more of this. My room was very cozy.” 

“The retreat was very informative. There was enough time for personal reflection”

“I was unsure if the trip up from Illinois would really be worth my time but boy was I wrong.  I learned new prayers and the importance of taking time for quiet.”

“I loved the various liturgies offered and having structured talks with prayer time and unstructured time in-between”

“First retreat I attended- Probably shouldn’t have waited so long. It was spiritually refreshing, inspiring and helpful.  I felt well cared for.

"Father was excellent and a great presentation style and engaged everyone."

"Thank you for a beautiful five day retreat."

"Everyone was very helpful!" 

"The conferences -- very thoughtful and challenging -- well presented" 

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