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Suggest Free Will Offering $ 10.00

"Missing From the Pews"

The presentation will be offered Tuesday, October 26, 2021

There will be one session from

9:00 AM to noon.


No meal will be served.


A time for prayer and reflection for loved ones

who are no longer active in the Church.


 Many people have found that Catholic family members and friends, for various reasons, have chosen to step away from the Catholic Church.


The Redemptorist Retreat Center is offering a special time for those who remain active in the Church and are hurting. This gathering is an opportunity for those who experience the absence of a loved one to examine that reality, explore options for dealing with it and find support from others who face similar struggles. The entire time is set in a framework of prayer.


Join us for this gathering of all who are concerned about their loved ones and are looking for a time and place to deal with this challenge. In other words, it is not intended for those who are no longer active in the Catholic Church. It is intended for their family members and/or companions who are. It must be noted that “Missing from the Pews” is presented in the context of a prayer experience. We look forward to seeing you. God bless!

Presenter:  Fr Ted Lawson, C.Ss.R.

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