Holy Week Silent Preached Retreat

    April 15 - 20, 2019

Arrive 4:00 pm Monday -- Depart 1:00 pm Saturday

                                                          Presenter:    Fr. John Kingsbury, CSs.R.

                                                                                (Fee: $350)

Silence is required on this retreat, including meals.

We ask all participants to respect those who desire prayerful reflection.

Theme:  "The Passion Narrative Through the Ears of a First Century Listener"


Our Scriptures are translated texts from a different culture and a different time in history. Because of this some of the message of the Passion Narrative can be lost in our reflections. The goal of this Retreat is to unveil some of what could be overlooked by viewing the text from a First Century perspective.

Father Kingsbury will bring some authentic first century items, some of which are:

- A Roman long nail
- A Temple Tax Coin
- Some other coins that would be found on the moneychangers table. 
- Items used by Roman soldiers to "cast lots"
- An alabaster jar that held ointment for either a foot washing or burial. 


Retreat  Highlights


  • Spiritual Conferences / Reflections.

  • Daily Mass.

  • Holy Thursday Triduum Mass followed by Eucharistic adoration.

  • Good Friday Liturgy and

             Way of the Cross.

  • Opportunity for individual confessions.

  • Time for private prayer and reflection.

  • Healthy meals.