Poustinia, Casa Redeemer, St Joseph and St Gerard Hermitages

offered at the Redemptorist Retreat Center

Because of our modern industrial and technological civilization, we no longer live primarily in a pristine natural reality but in places of noise, concrete, asphalt and frantic rushing about. Therefore it is increasingly difficult to find God's stillness and peace in this world of ours. Few areas could boast of greater beauty than the Redemptorist Retreat Center on Crooked Lake. It is a sacred place of peace and quiet. 

The Redemptorist Retreat Center offers five hermitage units for private retreats: Our long established Poustinia on the waterfront, Casa Redeemer #1 and #2, two floors of a duplex, and the newly completed St Joseph and St Gerard Hermitages.


Each hermitage offers a comfortable sitting room, bedroom, bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. Linens, towels and kitchen utensils are provided. Casa Redeemer also offers a washer and dryer. All five are ideal for a traditional private retreat. For those who are unable or do not wish to cook their own meals, the Center will provide meals at an additional cost.


Eucharistic Liturgy is available either at the Redemptorist residence or when offered in the Retreat Center. As year-round facilities, the Poustinia, Casa Redeemer, St Joseph, St Gerard Hermitages are heated and air-conditioned.  


Limited to only one person at a time

Limited to those who desire to encounter God in a retreat setting in complete silence and solitude.


Reservations required in advance. For more information please call the Retreat Center.

The fee for use of one of the hermitages is $85.00/night, minimum stay of (2) two nights. 

Renewal, Rest and Contemplative Reflection

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