Divine Mercy Preached Retreat


 April 26 - 28, 2019

Theme:  “Central to the Message of Divine Mercy:  Trust”

Arrive 6:15 p.m. Friday—Depart 1:00 p.m. Sunday

                                                            Presenter:  Fr. James White, C.Ss.R.

                                                                          (Fee: $ 210 per person)

                                                                (Commuter rate:  $110 per person

Pope St. John Paul II during his pontificate called out to us: "Do not be afraid! Open the door to Christ." The greatest way to alleviate our fears and grow in trust is to know God's unfathomable love and mercy for us. St. Alphonsus' favorite saying is: "God is out of His mind with love for us." 


To know that someone deeply loves us with deep concern about our welfare, even in the smallest things, moves us to place all our trust in that person. The love and concern God has for us far surpasses all the love in the 
world, even the love and concern of our parents or spouse or a close friend. Their love and concern would be nothing in comparison to God's love. God shows us His deep love and concern in the Old and New Testaments. 

In the 20th Century, through St. Faustina, God reveals His unfathomable love and mercy for each and every human being. In the Diary we discover His burning love for us and His unfathomable mercy for the greatest sinners, especially those who fall into despair. He reveals that His greatest desire is to work within the human heart no matter how dark or hardened it is. He wants to transform such hearts in the rays of His love and mercy. He urges all of us to snuggle close to His heart for there we will grow in trust, love, and compassion for Him and hardened sinners. 

During this retreat, we will have the opportunity to snuggle close to the loving merciful heart of Jesus by spending personal time with Him in adoration. In Him we will grow in His divine love and a deeper trust. In Him our fears will melt away. Devotion to the Divine Mercy is a quick way to grow in trust and in union with God Who loves us deeply. St. Augustine writes, "Our hearts are restless until we rest in Him." St. Faustina writes, “Jesus said, 'The human race will not know peace until it turns to my Mercy.”

Interested in the Divine Mercy Retreat? The rooms in the Retreat Center are reserved at this time.  Call to be added to our waiting list or stay at one of the local hotels and sign up as a commuter.