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New Offering for you.


Come to the Quiet… take time to step away from the world

Life can be very hectic Schedules fill quickly. Sometimes it may seem that your awareness of God’s loving presence fades while facing the challenges of daily living. People can easily experience emotional and spiritual fatigue.  Many are longing for an opportunity to claim some time for themselves.  Time to simply relax and be with God.  day or two (maybe even more).  



You are invited to Come to the Quiet.  Claim time with God and yourself at our beautiful Center.

Each guest will be provided with the quiet space he or she desires. We have rooms available to allow for it.

This is not a group program.

Your visit will be planned to fit your personal needs.

Dates will be determined according to your schedule and room availability.

Fees will be determined on the basis of individual needs.

Contact Fr. Ted Lawson, C.Ss.R. for more information.  

Phone:  262-567-6900

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